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Mutti: 2021 tomato of excellent quality, farmers awarded

In 2021, the Group paid out over € 6.3 million in incentives to its workers for the adoption of good practices

The 2021 transformation campaign can be considered among the best recorded by Mutti from the point of view of tomato quality and yield. "An excellent job that of the over 800 families of Italian farmers who, between northern and southern Italy, have given Mutti 685,000 tons of raw material harvested at the moment of perfect ripeness. This is the result of an important planning and development activity. in the months preceding the campaign, but also of excellent weather conditions favorable to production continuity", the company announces. On the other hand, the energy supply and the purchase of packaging have been characterized by a substantial increase in costs. The great work carried out by over 1,100 trained and qualified people to support seasonal production and administrative activities in the three factories of the Group: Montechiarugolo (Pr), Collecchio (Pr), Oliveto Citra (Sa). Thanks to them, the transformation campaign took place within the classic 70 days of tomato seasonality, from mid-July to the end of September.

Francesco Mutti, CEO of Mutti Spa: "the exceptional quality of the tomato that characterized the 2021 campaign is the optimal starting condition for us, it is the example of a machine that works, made by farmers and technicians who plan for a year the activity down to the smallest detail, so as not to be caught unprepared in case of unforeseen events".

The celebration of collaborations is also at the center of the XXII edition of the "Pomodorino D'Oro Mutti" award, an initiative established over 20 years ago to recognize the commitment and quality of tomatoes of 64 families of contributors through an important economic incentive. year equal to 300 thousand Euros distributed among the selected, and the delivery of an iconic prize to the three farmers who further distinguished themselves in the three categories: round tomato, long tomato and cherry tomato. The winners of the trophy were the farm of Stefania and Mario Ricci Maccarini of Ravenna for the round tomato, Antonio Cendamo of Lesina (Fg) for the cherry tomato and Giuseppe Nicola De Filippo of Manfredonia (Fg) for the long tomato. In 2021, the Group provided a total of over € 6.3 million as incentives to its farmers to reward a superior quality raw material.

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