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The Beyod Meat case alarms the markets

The company's stock has lost 50% in the past 5 months

The "case" Beyond Meat, the American company producing plant-based fake meat, the protagonist of an exploit on the stock exchange at the time of listing, alarms the markets due to the 50% collapse of the stock in the last 5 months, but above all for the risk on the certified securities linked to it, on which speculators from all over the world have bet.

The issue was dealt with in a long article in the Sole 24 Ore on November 20 ("The Beyond Meat case rekindles the issue of risks on certificates"). The problem is not the volatility of the stock itself, but the exponential collapse of linked speculative certificates, which are poured into investments driven by vegan marketing, environmental "fashion" and the big lenders who have launched Beyond Meat (such as Bill Gates or Leonardo Di Caprio). All ingredients for a classic financial bubble.

As Francesca Fossatelli, founder of FreeFinance, explains in the Sun, "Beyond Meat is a textbook case of how a highly volatile stock destabilizes a certificate. The company has slipped into the stock market, in the wake of a negative quarterly report and an already anticipated delay of the post-pandemic recovery. And a linked Bonus Cap certificate went from a price of over 140 euros to around 60 euros in less than 24 hours".

The article highlights how the Beyond Meat stock appears as an underlying in 67 certificates with protected packaging capital.

Beyond Meat stock was quoted at $ 77.55 per share today at 4pm, up from $ 178 on January 25, 2021.

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