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Made in Italy: it is record for the agri-food sector on foreign tables

Exports with the boost of the Christmas holidays reach 52 billion

It is a historical record for the made in Italy food on the festive tables all over the world with the export of wines, sparkling wines, grappa and liqueurs, panettone, cheeses, cold cuts but also caviar made in Italy that reaches only for the Christmas period € 4.4 billion, an increase of 11%. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti projection on Istat foreign trade data relating to the month of December 2021 and disseminated on the occasion of its national assembly.

The value of exports of all the most typical Christmas products, from sparkling wine (+ 29%) to panettone (+ 25%), has increased by double digits, but caviar made in Italy is also in demand, which marks a boom growth on international markets with + 146%, and traditional stuffed pasta from the cold period, such as tortellini (+ 4%), is also increasingly popular. The demand for Italian cheeses is also on the rise, recording an increase in the value of exports of 12%, as well as that of hams, cotechini and cured meats (+ 12%). Leading the ranking of this Christmas abroad, however, is Italian sparkling wine, stronger even than the difficulties caused by the pandemic on international markets, so much so as to drive the entire wine sector for which an overall increase of 15% in value is reported. of exports. In fact, demand has grown in value by 42% in the US, by 16% in Germany and by 12% even in Great Britain despite the problems linked to Brexit.

And the bubbles are also strong in France, where there is an increase in purchases of 19% which, combined with the 12% increase in cheese exports, testifies how made in Italy food has also made a splash in the homeland of Champagne and Camembert. Italian beer is also growing (+ 10%) in the Germany of the Oktorberfest, caviar (+ 150%) in the Russia of the beluga. A trend that demonstrates how Italian agri-food has emerged from the crisis generated by the pandemic stronger than before, so much so that at the end of the year it has reached the historical record in exports of 52 billion, the highest ever, if the trend is maintained.

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