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Prosecco: first balance on 2021 data

The effervescence of a Doc that broke through the ceiling of 6oo million bottles/Attachment

If in a particularly difficult year such as 2020, thanks also to the immediate success of Prosecco Rosé, there was a growth that led the denomination led by Stefano Zanette to cross the threshold of half a billion bottles, the data for the year just concluded testify to a further leap that, with + 25.4%, breaks through the ceiling of 600 million bottles. We are talking about 627.5 million bottles of Prosecco DOC, of which 71.5 million in the Prosecco DOC Rosé version, but the most interesting data is probably that relating to the enhancement of the single bottle that export, in USD, has exceeded 4%.

"After ten exciting years - explains Zanette -, our goal is to consolidate the success of the denomination, which means planning the future of the entire supply chain with a careful eye on consumers, the territory and its communities, actively involving in its realization of the entire production system and beyond ". The pillars on which the policy of the President of the Consortium has been focused since his first term in 2012, are developed compactly on the theme of 360 ° sustainability - from environmental to economic and social -, accompanied by the iron will to ensure that the growth in volume corresponded to a growth in values, and not only in an economic sense. Protection and promotion remain the two main areas of action in which the Consortium operates. With the increase in the notoriety of the denomination favored by the intense promotional activity, on a global level there has been a growth in attempts at imitation, and therefore the battle against counterfeiting has become increasingly difficult.

“In terms of promotion - explains the general manager Luca Giavi -, the commitment appears non-trivial. It is a work of weaving, I would dare to say of translation into a language suitable for the general public, of a set of values that belongs to the territory and in which the Venetian community as well as that of Friuli Venezia Giulia we would like to recognize each other more and more deeply. Universal human values such as lightness, immediacy, cordiality, conviviality, hospitality, qualities that consumers all over the world easily recognize in our products".

Thanks to the work carried out consistently over these ten years, the denomination has been able to conquer the most severe critics, the attention of the most qualified international journalism and the trust of international markets where in the first three quarters of 2021 the export share has collected a flattering + 30%. “There is still a lot of work to be done - comments President Zanette -. We will shortly present what we could define as the 2030 Agenda of DOC Prosecco. This is the great, essential work that awaits us to actively involve the entire production system towards a truly shared growth with a careful eye on consumers, the territory and its communities". An ambitious plan to look to the future with new stimuli and a new vision. A path that, on the basis of a concrete plan, allows the Prosecco DOC Consortium to involve as many players as possible.

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