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Pinot grigio in Triveneto: the production led by Doc delle Venezie is growing

Positive signs from US and UK: premium categories are driving consumption

For the production chain of Pinot Grigio of Triveneto, 2021 goes to the archive with the plus sign, recording a growth of 6% on the previous calendar year, for a total bottled of almost 2.4 million hl of Pinot Grigio with denomination. Driving the positive trend of the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino sector is the Doc delle Venezie, which must be recognized, with a total of 1,840,889 hl bottled (second Italian denomination per hl bottled), as much as 77.4% of the Total Pinot Grigio bottled by the Area.

With its nearly 27,000 hectares of vineyards, 14,000 of which are claimed to be Doc delle Venezie, the largest denomination nationwide, which closes 2021 with + 5.11% bottled (+89.517 hl), around 12 million bottles 0.75 l more than in 2020 and with a total of almost 229 million labels distributed by Triveneta Certificazioni (15 million more than the previous year), it is called upon to manage, in addition to its own potential, the quantities reclassified by other territorial Do (additional 400,000 hl approximately between Pinot grigio and Bianco Doc delle Venezie). The president of the Albino Armani protection consortium states: “our Doc represents valid support for all companies and producers in terms of value, international positioning and quality, thanks to the guarantee of traceability and certification”.

The merit for the positive balance of the latter is also due to the partners across the border, Germany, the UK and the USA in order, bottlers to whom the DOC delivered 198,795 hl in the last year (+ 3.11% compared to 2020) and the large foreign buyers. In particular, encouraging testimonies come from the United States, where MW Nicholas Paris, Wine & Spirits Education Directorate for E. & J. Gallo Winery declares: "in the Usai trends the categories of Pinot Grigio (from all over the world) Premium are certainly rewarding, Super and ultra Premium and Luxury with growth percentages ranging from +2 to + 7%, to the detriment of the non-premium offer, at a popular price, which instead observed a significant decline ”. Important signals also arrive from the United Kingdom, as Giorgio Pizzolo, president of Enoitalia declares: “Pinot Grigio delle Venezie confirms itself in 2021 as the first still white wine sold in the UK by our company. This is also thanks to the investments that the company has been able to make in historical brands, including Voga Italia, which have been able to attract new consumers".

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