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Orsero presents the first sustainability plan

4 strategic areas, 11 objectives and over 7 million euros of investment

The Orsero Group presents its first strategic sustainability plan, with medium / long-term objectives in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The plan, approved by the Board of Directors, was created with the aim of combining business growth with social and environmental sustainability. The Group has identified 4 strategic areas on which it can act in the coming years, through the achievement of 11 concrete objectives.

The strategic areas are: the development of sustainable supply chains; the reduction of the impact on the environment; promoting healthy eating; recognition of the value of people. The objectives are to: involve 100% of the Group's fruit and vegetable suppliers on social and environmental issues by 2025, sharing values such as environmental protection, respect for human rights, support for local communities and reduction food waste; reduce the impact on the planet thanks to the implementation of technological solutions, with an important overall investment, in order to reduce the energy consumption of the Group's warehouses by 20% by 2028; continue the fight against food waste along the value chain, involving 100% of the Group's market stands in waste reduction activities and testing innovative solutions dedicated to the topic every year; promote the use of circular materials for packaging, evaluating solutions that can be adopted by all Group companies and making 100% of the packaging recycled, recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Furthermore, the plan envisages: inspiring people, inside and outside the Group, through communication projects dedicated to promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles; increasingly increase the well-being of all Group employees, through the adoption of a welfare program and continuous training on sustainability issues; increase food safety certifications in all Group storage and processing warehouses and involve the local communities of each Group company through dedicated projects by 2030.

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