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Coca Cola in Italy enters in Coripet

"Important step in the sustainability strategy on packaging"

Coca-Cola Hbc Italia and Sibeg, the two companies that produce, bottle and distribute Coca-Cola brand products in Italy, join Coripet, the voluntary non-profit consortium whose mission is the collection and recycling of PET bottles after their use. The Sup (Single Use Plastic) directive, which entered into force on 14 January 2022 (see EFA News article of 13-1-22 ), in addition to banning disposable items, regulates the end of life of Pet bottles and, for the first time, both the collection objectives and the use of Rpet in the production of new bottles are indicated.

The legislation therefore recognizes both the recyclability of Pet bottles and the presence of an entire industrial chain ready to send large quantities of them for recycling. Looking to the future, there are two challenging objectives for the Italian system: by 2025 the territories will have to collect at least 77% of post-consumer PET bottles and 90%. in 2030. At the same time, those who use these containers to sell their products will have the obligation to produce them with at least 25% recycled PET by 2025 and 30% in 2030.

"The entry into Coripet is an important step in our sustainability strategy on packaging: we have reduced the weight of primary and secondary packaging to the maximum, we are using more and more recycled plastic in our bottles and, as announced a few days ago, thanks to a investment of over 30 million euros, we are reopening our plant in Gaglianico, in Biella, where we will be responsible for transforming up to 30,000 tons of Pet recovered after use into new bottles made of 100% recycled plastic every year ", declared Giangiacomo Pierini, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director of Coca-Cola HBC Italia. "However, we know that our commitment alone, however fundamental, cannot be enough and the contribution of the entire supply chain is necessary to make every waste a resource, to give real implementation to the Bottle to Bottle and for this we are impatient to start working with Coripet and jointly reach new important goals in terms of the circular economy of the Pet".

Luca Busi, Ad Sibeg (a company based in Catania that has been producing and bottling all The Coca-Cola Company brand products in Sicily since 1960) is also on the same line: "the goal is to be able to produce 100 % of our recycled plastic bottles for the Sicilian market. Joining the consortium will allow our company to support new awareness actions to involve the whole community".

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