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Aquaculture, Skretting Aquaculture Innovation arrives

A multifunctional unit in Norway that integrates all aspects of innovation, from basic to applied research

Skretting Arc, a research organization of Skretting (a company that deals with the provision of innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions for the aquaculture industry), has been renamed and refurbished into a complete and multifunctional unit that incorporates global teams within it marketing, sustainability and digital. The new unit is called Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (Ai) and integrates all aspects of innovation, from basic to applied research, from product development to digital innovation and sustainability.

"What we have created is a fully dynamic approach to innovation, where we don't just focus on one aspect of innovation, for example ingredients, health, digital or just sustainability", said director Alex Obach. "We have put all of this together in an integrated and agile value center, with the current and future needs of our customers at the center". "We operate in a specific area of the aquaculture value chain, with great diversity in our customers, farmed species and available ingredients. However, there are areas of innovation that add value across the board, such as sustainability, the segment of the first diet, health, ingredients and more", continues Obach.

The new unit remains headquartered in Stavanger, Norway, and includes more than 150 experts in all functional areas, working closely with colleagues from around the world. The new technologies and upcoming solutions of Nutreco Exploration (NutEx) will provide exclusive ingredients thanks to phytotechnology, biotechnology and physical chemistry. The innovation areas of are closely linked to the global increase in the consumption of seafood, combined with the growth of consumer awareness. The pandemic has highlighted the need for sustainable, healthy and local food and there is an expectation that companies will operate in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner.

"We contribute more than 21 million seafood meals every day. We innovate to meet the needs of our customers and society at large. We believe that the biggest challenges aquaculture faces today are ingredients (availability, sustainability and logistics), health challenges and circularity. We have a clear roadmap for addressing these challenges, and a dynamic team dedicated to delivering them. We feel we have a dual role responsibility, supporting the business with a long-term responsibility to bring innovative solutions and lead aquaculture into the future”, concludes Obach.

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