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Cirio presents the "climate neutral" tomato pulp

This result was also obtained thanks to a reforestation project in southern Italy

A 100% sustainable tomato pulp because it has neutralized emissions. This is the novelty that Cirio has introduced in the UK market, where starting from January all the packages of 400-gram cans of Chopped Tomatoes pulp, 100% Italian tomatoes, can boast the recognition (clearly highlighted on the label) of "Climate Neutral", that is with fully compensated impact on climate change. "We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of completely neutralizing the effects on the planet of a leading product such as tomato pulp, which accounts for the majority of our sales in the United Kingdom", declares Diego Pariotti, foreign sales director of Conserve Italia, the cooperative group that owns the Cirio brand.

"With this initiative we do not limit ourselves to improving one or more phases of the production process, but we completely neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere related to the pulp sold in the UK, bringing our green commitment directly to the tables of millions of consumers", adds Pariotti. "The company, present since 1856, thus enhances its social base made up of over 14,000 Italian farmers, taking care of the territories where tomatoes are grown with the commitment to an integral sustainability of the supply chain: environmental, social, ethical and economic".

“The British 'green vocation' has always been known: consumers show support for every type of modern green project, from vertical gardens in London to the reforestation of wooded areas in Scotland", remembers the export marketing manager of Conserve Italia Sandra Sangiuolo. "We believe that this new launch sealed by the Farmer's Pledge, that is the promise of our farmers, can arouse their attention and provide one more reason to support the Cirio brand. However, it is unique in the tomato canned market".

"This important result", explains Pietro Crudele, environmental manager of Conserve Italia, "is made possible by the path started in collaboration with the University of Genoa, which allowed us to obtain the Epd Process (Environmental Product Declaration) certification and publish the environmental declarations, i.e. reporting the environmental impact of our products. We can thus identify the phases of the production process in which to intervene to increase the benefits on the ecosystem".

To offset the residual CO2 share and neutralize the emissions for the Cirio Climate Neutral pulp, calculated by Tetis Institute, a spin-off company of the University of Genoa, the company supports a reforestation project started in Calabria, where the land is recovered and destined for the planting of bamboo forests which have an important function in capturing greenhouse gases and protecting the soil from hydrogeological and erosion risks. To guarantee credibility and transparency, the operation took place on the eCO2care register, managed by the University of Genoa, where the project is registered and where all its details are visible.

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