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Illva: legal battle with Lidl on Disaronno

Causes in Italy and Germany. The subject of the dispute is Armilar, a liqueur produced in Modena by Casoni

Illva accuses Lidl of having copied, produced and marketed in Italy and in Europe an amaretto marked out to its historic Disaronno: a liqueur that, in the package, would replicate the original in a deceptive form. And for some years the Varese-based company has been at legal war against the German discount brand with different causes in Italy and Germany. According to the prosecution, the Armilar amaretto, produced by the historic Casoni distillery manufacturing Liquors of Modena on behalf of Lidl, would imitate the shape of the Disaronno, composed of the classic rectangular brick bottle, the with a dark prism-shaped cap and golden letters engraved on both sides.

News on the legal battle emerged from an article in the Milanese chronicle of Corriere della Sera, where it appeared that Ilva won the first two degrees of trial against Lidl Italia, which would have led the brand to slightly modify the packaging of the drink changing the cap with a thin and round one. Furthermore, the Corriere also reports, a sentence of the Supreme Court of last 29 April established that the case against the German parent company in Germany will also have to be carried out in Italy. The Italian branch of the brand defended itself by explaining that 90% of the bottles were sold abroad, or online, and had therefore denied responsibility for the matter. Illva Saronno then made the same accusations against the German parent company, asking for a subpoena. Stefano de Bosio, lawyer of Illva Saronno, explained that "by verifying that the principal of the commercial project can be the German Lidl, the Supreme Court has established the principle that the principal can be prosecuted in the country where the production takes place, even if the the product is then sold outside Italy".

Illva would ask for about 11 million bottles of Armiral to be withdrawn from the market.

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