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The first edition of Innovation for Sustainability Summit took place in Rome

Analyze the conditions necessary for companies to implement sustainability innovations

The Innovation for Sustainability Summit organized by Eiis, European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability, was held in Rome on 17 and 18 May. The first edition of an international event dedicated to companies and anyone interested in sharing reflections, projects or ideas related to the increasingly urgent need to innovate processes, products and behavior of society. Dozens of realities that took part in it, including these dss +.

On the first day Federico Magalini Director of Sustainability Services for Uk and Italy outlined the necessary conditions for companies to implement innovations in sustainability. “I like to reiterate two concepts that are fundamental for me in these circumstances. The first is that more and more companies are no longer working in isolation, but collaborating with partners along the value chain, creating networks to develop sustainable and positive impact solutions. The second is the need to share experiences and success stories that inspire others. It is for this reason that last year dss + launched the #ImpactforGood platform where dozens of cases are collected and constantly updated".

Another contribution came from Massimo Marino, founder of Perfect Food Consulting, a consultancy company in the agri-food sector that recently became part of dss +, who conducted an interactive laboratory on the sustainability of the food world. “It is increasingly important to focus on the need for companies to look far, developing medium-term projects, which go in sync with the timing of biological cycles, on which agri-food systems depend more than others”, says Marino.

"The summit proved to be a great opportunity for companies to share long-term solutions, projects and strategies, and for us at dss + also an opportunity to promote our renewed focus on sustainability in an important market like Italy", closes Michele Tirinnanzi, head of the Italian and central European market, recalling that the company after the management buy-out, supported by an investment fund, from the DuPont Group in 2019 is now a global company that operates independently on the global market with services that they concern risk management, operation excellence and sustainability.

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