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Wine: Italy is confirmed as the first producer in the world

Beats France and Spain, according to Mediobanca study

In 2021, 50.2 million hectoliters were produced in Italy, up 2% on 2020, placing our country in first place in world production, ahead of France (37.6 million hectoliters, -19% on 2020 due to adverse weather conditions) and Spain (35.3 million, -14% on 2020). For years these three countries have remained at the top of the international rankings and since 2015 Italy has overtaken France in first place. This is what emerges from the study "The wine sector in Italy" drawn up by the Mediobanca Research Area.

Italy is also on the podium in consumption behind the United States (33.1 million hectoliters, + 1%) and France (25.2 million, + 9%) with 24.2 million hectoliters, a stable figure compared to to 2020. Our export country is also doing well. In terms of volumes, the first exporter in the world is Spain with 23 million hectoliters in 2021 (+ 14%), followed by Italy (22.2 million, + 7.3%) and France (14.6 million, + 8%). The same three countries also share the podium for export value, in this case, however, France is in first place with 11.1 billion euros (+ 27%), followed by Italy with 7.1 billion (+ 13%). and from Spain with 2.9 billion (+ 10%).

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