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Sustainable development: it is being discussed in Brussels with Assica

The commitments of the sector at the center of a discussion with the stakeholders of the European Commission

Commitments and best practices of the "Assica Sustainability Program" at the center of the round table "Different roles, Same goals" ("Different roles, same goals") organized with the highest authorities of the European Commission for the agri-food sector. After the first presentation of the publication, on the occasion of the Assica National Assembly last June, the sustainable development path of the sector is now being presented in Brussels for a discussion with the Community institutions.

The meeting – scheduled for 8 March 2023, from 4 to 6 pm – stems from the need to stimulate a dialogue around the sustainable transition of the sector and the necessary role of the European institutions, as decisive support for this virtuous process towards a new business model. The very title of the meeting suggests the strong desire to dialogue and deal more and more effectively with the Commission, which is essential for protecting one of the symbolic sectors of European food. Italian delicatessen unquestionably represents an international excellence: the data (source Istat) relating to the first 9 months of 2022 - record an export of 147,860 tons for a turnover of 1,455.4 million euros, to underline the economic and qualitative value of this sector agri-food sector which, with as many as 43 PDO and PGI, holds the European record for protected products.

The round table will be attended by: Wolfgang Burtscher , director general of DG Agri (European Commission); Sandra Gallina , director general of Dg Sante (European Commission); Leopoldo Rubinacci , Deputy Director General of Dg Trade (European Commission); Birthe Steenberg , general secretary of Avec (Eu Poultry Meat Association) and LiveStockVoice; Stefano Verrecchia , Deputy Parliamentary Representative (Permanent Representation of Italy to the EU); Lukas Visek , Cabinet member of Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans (European Commission).

Representing the sector will be: Francesco Pizzagalli , president of IVSI (Institute for the Promotion of Italian Salumi) and Davide Calderone , director of Assica (Industrial Association of Meats and Cured Meats). Marco Frey , president of Global Compact Italy, will also take part in the event. Moderation is entrusted to Rose O'Donovan , editor of the European magazine Agra Facts.

The roundtable will be held at the Nh Berlyamont in Brussels and will be streamed.

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