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Wheat Ukraine: China at the forefront

21.5% of the cereals produced after the newly renewed agreement is destined for the asian country

This was revealed by a survey by the Centro Studi Divulga.

With 5.2 million tons of agricultural products - including wheat, corn and sunflower oil, equal to 21.5% of the total shipped from Ukrainian ports since August 2022 - China is the country that has benefited the most from Black Sea Grain Initiative, whose agreement was recently renewed. This is what the Divulga Study Center affirms which processed the UN data of the routes of agricultural products departing from the ports of Chornomorsk (36.4% of the total), Yuzhny (35.8%) and Odessa (27.8%) in these 240 days.

Overall, 24.2 million tons of agricultural products departed from Ukrainian ports: almost half is corn (49.3%) while 27.2% is soft wheat, 5.4% is sunflower flour, 5. 1% sunflower oil. Spain (4.1 million tons of products equal to 17%) and Turkey (2.7 million tons of products equal to 11.2%) are respectively in second and third place among the countries that have imported the most from 'Ukraine in this period. Italy, on the other hand, with 1.76 million tons (7.3%) is fourth in this ranking, ahead of the Netherlands, Egypt, Israel and Bangladesh.

In particular, since August 2022, 1.2 million tons of corn, essential for animal feed, 377 thousand tons of soft wheat, and almost 90 thousand tons of sunflower oil have arrived in our country.

Another significant figure, according to the elaborations of the Centro Studi, is represented by the fact that almost 55% of the products reached developing countries, such as those of North Africa and Asia, easing the risk of tensions on bread prices which could have caused instability in territories heavily dependent on raw materials from areas affected by the conflict.

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