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Starting tomorrow, the G7 of agriculture ministers will be in Japan

Crisis, sustainability, circular economy and food security on the table

Italy, Japan, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and the European Union are participating in the meeting. Invited representatives of FAO, IFAD, OECD and WFP

The G7 meeting of agriculture ministers will soon open, which this year will be held at the Seagaia Convention Center in Miyazaki, Japan, from 22 to 23 April. But starting today, on the eve of the meeting, 3 seminars are scheduled, a prelude to the two-day event.

- The first seminar is entitled "Toward Net zero and Circular economy with Sustainable Wood Use". In the session, recognizing the importance of forests and the potential use of wood in the realization of a decarbonised society, information will be disseminated on the efforts of each sector towards the sustainable management of forests and the use of wood.

- The theme of the second can be seen from the title, namely "To build resilient and sustainable agricultural and food systems - Contribution of the food sectors in the food supply chain".

- In the third workshop, "Tackling climate change with innovations and actions-Changing the world with strategies like MIDORI", information will be shared on each country's policy efforts, initiatives and technologies aimed at achieving both productivity growth and sustainability in the sectors of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food, including the Japanese strategy called "MIDORI". Also discussed will be the approaches taken by the G7 countries to promote environmentally friendly agriculture, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage, as well as efforts to promote behavioral change among various stakeholders.

The G7 will be attended by the Ministers of Agriculture (or their representatives) from Italy, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and the European Union. And, of course, Japan, on whose behalf the president will open the proceedings. Invited organizations are FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development), OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), WFP (World Food Programme).

On the subject in these hours Francesco Lollobrigida, italian minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests (Masaf) declared: "International cooperation is crucial for tackling the serious international crisis and planning joint initiatives on the issue of food security. We need to respond to current needs with concrete and sustainable measures".

Meanwhile, two of the ministers of Agriculture already met in in Miyazaki: Tetsuro Nomura (Japan) and Tom Vilsak (Usa). They talked about lifting restrictions placed on some of Japan's agricultural exports following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear plant disaster.

"I have hopes that Japan-U.S. cooperation on sustainable agriculture will become even stronger", Nomura said at the meeting, part of which was open to the media.

"Japan has provided leadership in focusing on the important role of innovation in responding to a changing climate and the demand for more production", Vilsack said.

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