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Ukrainian cereals: extraordinary measures of the European Commission

Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia pledge to lift unilateral blockades /Annex

The "rebel" countries will receive compensation for their farmers.

Temporary measures, limited in time, space and certain products. It is the mediation granted by the European Commission, after the unilateral initiatives of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia regarding a series of agricultural products from Ukraine.

The provisions in question have been in force since yesterday evening, will expire on June 5th and concern only wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds. All these products will be able to circulate freely on the territories of the member states of the European Union, with the exception of the five member countries mentioned, where "they may continue to circulate or transit through these five member states through a common customs transit procedure, or be destined for a country or territory outside the EU", reports a note from the European Commission.

"In parallel, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia pledged to lift the unilateral measures on wheat, corn, rape and sunflower seeds and any other products from Ukraine," it said. “The Commission is ready to reintroduce the preventive measures even after the expiry of the current regulation on autonomous trade measures on June 5th 2023, as long as the exceptional situation continues.”

"While addressing the concerns of farmers in member states bordering Ukraine, the measures confirm the EU's strong commitment to support Ukraine and preserve its ability to export its cereals, which are vital to feed the world and keep low food prices, in the face of enormous challenges posed by unprovoked Russian aggression - continues the note - These measures are part of the comprehensive support package that the Commission is proposing and will be complemented by financial support to farmers in the five Member States States and by additional measures to facilitate the transit of Ukrainian grain exports through the solidarity lanes to other Member States and third countries", concludes the European Commission.

Endorsing and reiterating the Commission's approach, Valdis Dombrovskis, EU Executive Vice-President and Trade Commissioner, said: "With this package, I am happy to say that we continue to pursue a unified EU approach, rather than unilateral measures that jeopardize the normal functioning of our single market".

Attached to this EFA News , the original text of the preventive measures of the European Commission.

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