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"Buongiorno con Nutripiatto" awarded as "Excellence in Life Science"

Italian Nestlé project awarded for "Best Marketing Education Program of the Year" category

Over 250,000 children reached thanks to local events, spontaneous requests for the kit by families and initiatives carried out together with nutritionists, paediatricians and schools: this is the success to date of Nutripiatto, an "intelligent" dish, shaped with the various groups food to promote good habits in terms of quality and quantity of food in a balanced meal.

Created in 2018 with the advice of the Campus Bio-Medico of Rome and also supported by the contribution of the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics (Sipps), the Nutripiatto project is an extensive food education program, made up of various guides and many recipes designed to meet the nutritional needs of children in different age groups of growth, from 4 to 12 years, and at different times of the day.

Among the Guides "Buongiorno con Nutripiatto" is a kit consisting of a guide and a breakfast placemat that shows the fundamental food components for preparing and consuming a balanced breakfast. "Buongiorno con Nutripiatto" helps to understand what is meant by a balanced breakfast and, by providing various recipes to prepare together with your children, offers useful ideas and information regarding one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast is in fact a fundamental meal for everyone but especially for children who should never skip it and it is also a moment that should be shared with the family in a pleasant way and with due calm. And it is precisely "Buongiorno con Nutripiatto" that has obtained the scientific recognition of Excellence in Life Science for the "Best Marketing Education Program of the Year" category.

Every year The Life Science Excellence Awards rewards companies and managers who have contributed to excellence and innovation in the Life Science sector thanks to a technical-institutional jury whose evaluation process is supervised by the managing director of Popular Science Italia, Francesco Maria Avito. In this area Buongiorno con Nutripiatto stood out in terms of innovation and excellence, and was recognized as the best education program of the year.

"An important award that follows the wave of this year's recognition by the scientific magazine Plos One - comments Manuela Kron, Corporate Affairs Director of Nestlé - it is important that tools such as Nutripiatto are recognized and validated in order to continue to promote and expand good practices in the field of varied and balanced nutrition. Adequate nutrition and a correct lifestyle are important grounds on which to try to build a better future for us and for the new generations: an assumption of which we are firmly convinced at Nestlé and which we try to translate into our food education projects aimed at children but also to adults”.

Nutripiatto, in fact, is part of a larger project, the Nestlé for Healthier Kids, born in 2018 with the aim of helping 50 million children to live healthier lives by 2030. The initiative helps and supports parents and educators to raise healthy children through the constant innovation of nutritional education products and projects, such as Nutripiatto. On the website it is possible to request the kit, download the guides with recipes and access useful advice on a correct lifestyle, from nutrition to physical activity.

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