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Campari: change in share capital and voting rights

The majority shareholder Lagfin SCA confirms its commitment to the growth of the Group

Davide Campari-Milano NV has concluded the conversion of 594,021,404 Special Voting Shares A held by the majority shareholder Lagfin SCA Société en Commandite par Actions and by other shareholders into as many Special Voting Shares B, in compliance with the special vote approved by the Shareholders' Meeting on March 27, 2020.

The special voting mechanism was introduced with the aim of encouraging a capital structure more conducive to Campari's long-term growth strategy, i.e. organic growth combined with growth through acquisitions, and to reward a shareholder base with a long-term investment. In particular, the Special Voting Mechanism entitles shareholders registered in the loyalty register, who have completed an uninterrupted holding period of 5 years, to cast 5 votes for each ordinary Campari share held. Each Special Voting Share B is provided with 4 voting rights which, together with the single voting right of the ordinary Campari share with which it is associated, allows loyal shareholders to express 5 voting rights.

Therefore, the Special Voting Shares A of loyal shareholders assigned after a holding period of at least 2 years (or assigned in continuity with the increased voting mechanism prior to the transfer of the registered office), are converted into an equal number of Special Voting Shares B, after 3 further years of uninterrupted detention.

Following the IPO in 2001, Gruppo Campari grew more than 5 times both in terms of net sales and Ebitda-adj. thanks to a combination of organic and external growth, has completed more than 40 acquisitions for a total investment of approximately euro 4 billion, and has achieved an organic Cagr of net sales of approximately 7% over the last 10 years, with an acceleration to about 12% in the last 3 years. The market capitalization of the company has grown more than 15 times since the IPO, from Euro 0.9 billion to approximately Euro 14 billion. Total shareholder return (with dividend reinvested) has achieved a CAGR of ca.15% since the IPO, best in class in the spirits sector. With the conversion of Special Voting Shares A to Special Voting Shares B, Lagfin confirms his uninterrupted and long-term commitment to the Group's growth strategy. Following the conversion, the percentage of voting rights of the majority shareholder rose to 84.0% (from 68.6%).

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