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Food Zurich!: ten days of full immersion in the cuisine of the future

From 7 to 17 September, the 8th edition of the appointment dedicated to all the news in food

The eighth edition of Food Zurich! kicks off in a few days in Zurich, the by now classic event dedicated to taste, products, recipes and, in general, all the news in the food sector. From 7 to 17 September, the Swiss city returns to being the main European culinary hotspot, a meeting place for connoisseurs, the curious and families. In this 2023 the guiding theme will be "Culinary Future", or the future of food, a tomorrow that is certainly complex, but also full of possible stimulating and innovative solutions.

What awaits us in the field of sustainable nutrition? What defines true sustainability and how do you achieve optimal health through nutrition? Apparently simple questions that will be asked during the event and to which we will try to give multiple answers. More than 160 events in the city during the eleven days will characterize the eighth edition of Food Zurich!, filling the city center with "visionary" gastronomic projects, ambitious start-ups, futuristic solutions, contents, colours, flavors and scents.

To discuss and answer questions about the future of food, this year's events will be organized taking into consideration ten different themes.

1) Vegetable, which no longer means renunciation and substitution, but excellent, modern, tasty, sustainable and creative cuisine.

2) Food saving: Foodsave is a movement that aims to make a significant contribution to changing the way we eat and think.

3) New ideas: Creative and pioneering minds are what make Zurich the ideal place to find solutions for the future.

4) White, understood, rather than as a colour, as a starting point and inspiration: white crosses the culinary world in many facets, be it flour and butter, asparagus and cauliflower, a table set in white or white wine.

5) Innovation: from plant-based meat substitutes, to algae milk, to new processing or packaging methods.

6) Out of the bottle: with reference to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

7) New generation: a look at emerging chefs.

8) Radically local: all those healthy counter-tendencies that are bringing us back to ourselves, to our roots and local treasures, towards sustainability.

9) At home: cooking at home is fun, improves well-being and improves the quality of life.

10) Beyond the "border" of the plate. New flavours, strange aromas, horizon-broadening fusions and exciting stories behind the dishes are the experiences that are sought after and inspire.

Among the main events, we highlight: Festival Center with workshops, gastronomy and bars in Europaallee; Slow Food Market on September 9, 2023; Foodsave Day on September 15, both at the Festival Center; Over 160 events in and around Zurich. Opening event on 7 September 2023, in Jelmoli; Soil to Soul from 14 to 16 September, with Soil Food Markete Festival Fermentista at the Kulturareal Mühle Tiefenbrunnen.

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