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Heineken: beer remains tasty even in ice cubes

The freezing technique at -35°C adopted for the Thai and Lao market

In South East Asia it is hot all year round. So hot that someone came up with a new technology to make beer ice cubes that are 20% colder than regular ice. Heineken Star Ice was born from the collaboration between Heineken Laos and Wunderman Thompson Thailand, in the wake of the tradition of beer with ice, quite widespread in Thailand and Laos.

The process of freezing beer and turning it into frozen cubes is more problematic than that of water, as the freezing threshold is different. The higher the alcohol content, the longer the beer takes to freeze. At the same time, beer stored in glass freezes more quickly. The technique adopted by Heineken allows beer to be frozen at -35°C, without compromising its taste.

“We are proud to blend the excellence of the global brand with the beauty of local traditions - commented Park Wannasiri , creative director of Wunderman Thompson -. The creation of Heineken Star Ice was a passionate journey that embraced the culture of beer on ice, reimagining tradition with an innovative freeze.”

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