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Sanbittèr gives life to Christmas "apericromia"

Light up the spirit of the holidays with two cocktails designed for the occasion

The aperitif is tinged with red, white, green and gold

With the Christmas holidays and the New Year upon us, the festive tables and the period of illuminations, gifts and special aperitifs and family lunches also return. It is the ideal moment to amaze friends and relatives with scenographic Christmas mise en places, but also with sophisticated home-made drinks perfect for toasting together. Cocktails are, in fact, crucial for lighting up the atmosphere; this is why Sanbittèr - emblem of the Italian non-alcoholic aperitif and protagonist of the "Tutti i Colori dell'Aperitivo" campaign - has created two creative and exclusive proposals which already in their names and colors recall the spirit of the holidays: Santa Claus, based on Sanbittèr Red and Christmas Night, made instead with White Sanbittèr.

Red and white, in fact, together with green and gold, represent the traditional colors of the Christmas holidays and are also those that give life to the Christmas "Apericromia" to which Sanbitter dedicates the two cocktails.Sanbittèr, in fact, this year has explored the trend of colors and emotions by coining "Apericromia", a new trend that merges the idea of "chromy" with the experience of the aperitif, giving originality to this moment through the use of color, capable of evoking a wide range of sensations. Here, in the most magical period of the year, Christmas "Apericromia" releases emotions of joy, love, passion and celebration. Emotions that are also reflected in the two cocktails designed by Sanbittèr for this period: Santa Claus, a bright red drink that recalls the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the holidays and Christmas Night, where the bright yellow of the drink recalls the sparkling lights in the streets and therefore evokes feelings of joy and enthusiasm.

The first drink is made by combining Sanbittèr Rosso and red apple juice with banana, ice and lime juice which, mixed together, create a frothy white foam that brings to mind Santa Claus' hat and robe. In the second proposal, however, the union of Sanbittèr Bianco, apple and lime juice and ice gives life to a golden cocktail that recalls the stars and lights of December evenings and brings all the royalty of Christmas to the table. To crown the cocktail, in addition to a white foam, there are also red currants and rosemary. At Christmas, therefore, it is precisely the colors that create the right atmosphere and every little detail, from the decorations to the laid tables, from the foods to the drinks , transmits harmony, joy and a festive spirit. With Christmas "Apericromia" Sanbittèr also fills this magical and convivial period with its bright colors, its sparkling personality and all the emotions it is able to arouse.



Christmas night


- 10 cl White Sanbittèr

- Juice of ½ lime

- Juice of ½ apple

- Abundant ice

Preparation: Place the lime and apple in the blender, mix them in the mixing glass together with the Sanbittèr Bianco and pour into the glass. Then fill with plenty of ice and decorate with a sprig of redcurrant and a sprig of cold rosemary.

Santa Claus


- 10 cl Red Sanbittèr

- Lime juice

- Juice of ½ red apple

- 80 g of banana

- Ice to taste

Preparation: Invert a Red Sanbittèr in a low tumbler, old fashioned style. Place the fresh banana, lime juice and red apple juice in the blender. Add ice to the glass and fill the mixture with the contents blended previously. Decorate with a sprig of fresh mint.

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