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Polenghi: growing turnover in 2021-2023

In the USA, the company exported lemon juice worth over 10 million euros

Turnover growth of 25% in three years (2021-2023) for a turnover that exceeds 100 million euros in 2023. These are the numbers of the success of Polenghi, an Italian family company active in the European lemon juice market of high quality which exports to over 70 countries (for over 80% of turnover), serving the top 20 retailers in the world for a total of 535 million squeezed lemons. The company also recorded a boom in lemon juice sales abroad in 2022, led by the United States for a value of over 10 million euros, followed by France, the Netherlands and Germany. A product that is increasingly appreciated also in new markets such as Poland and Asia with South Korea and Japan. “In the last three years (2021-23) we have witnessed growth in the value of turnover (+25%) and for 2024 we estimate a positive growth trend,” says Filippo Scandellari , CEO of Polenghi Food

The concept of sustainable development translates into a strong attitude towards innovation and ethics, essential tools for environmental and territorial protection. Polenghi, parent company of the international Polenghi Group, has chosen to protect the environment through a first important step: the company has installed solar panels in its systems since 2008, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the production plants and production lines are designed and developed in house: this allows the possibility of independently blowing your own bottles and thus making them with 10%, 30% and even 100% recycled material.

Not only the environment, but also innovation and good supply chain practices. The organic lemon juice from the Spinagallo Fund is the realization of the company's desire to contribute to the development of a totally ethical and sustainable supply chain. The product was born from an agreement between the Polenghi company (bottler), Campisi (grower) and Simone Gatto (squeezer) and is squeezed exclusively from the lemons of the Spinagallo Fund in Syracuse, Sicily, in a plot of land where the of the sea and volcanic winds creates the perfect microclimate for the cultivation of Femminello Siracusano, one of the most prized varieties of lemons in the world.

The Polenghi Spinagallo juice is therefore exclusive as the lemons from the Fondo Spinagallo are squeezed only for the Polenghi juice just as the Polenghi Spinagallo juice is obtained only by squeezing the lemons from the Fondo. All the agriculture in the Spinagallo Fund is organic, the lemons are native and squeezed using "The Birillatrici", ancient Sicilian tools that squeeze the juice only from the endocarp and not from the peel, protecting its original structure. The cultivation is entrusted to Campisi Italia, which for over four generations has handed down a school of artisanal pruning, keeping all the secrets of hand-picking the fruit.

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