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Pigs from Croatia become PDO

Slavonian black pig will be added to the list of 1,680 agricultural products already protected

The European Commission has added the "Meso Crne slavonske svinje", a pig from continental Croatia, to the PDO register, protected designations of origin. This is fresh meat obtained by slaughtering male and female pigs belonging to the category of piglets and fattening pigs descending from sows and boars of the Slavonian black pig breed. The new name will be added to the list of 1,680 agricultural products already protected. 

The meat has a dark color and is characterized by a high degree of compactness, a large percentage of intramuscular fat and a low water discharge. The higher percentage of fat in the muscles explains the softness and succulence of the meat when cooked, which gives it a soft chewing consistency. 

The quality and characteristic of "Meso Crne slavonske svinje" are the result of its genetic basis, free movement and grazing of black Slavic pig on pastures, the use of specific feed and the longer fattening period due to the lower average daily weight gain. 

Pork is traditionally eaten in continental Croatia to celebrate holidays, religious holidays and family celebrations. The pig also has a symbolic meaning: the locals have taken the habit of the pig to dig his snout into the earth and push it forward as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. For this reason roast pork is a traditional dish to greet the old year and welcome the new one. 

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