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San Benedetto exceeds Euro 1B in turnover and rewards its employees

The historic milestone celebrated with a bonus of 600 euros and numerous benefits for the 2000 collaborators

The Board of Directors of Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, through its president and CEO Enrico Zoppas , expressed satisfaction with the results achieved in 2023 and decided to provide a bonus for all the Group's collaborators in recognition of their contribution. which allowed the Company to exceed one billion in turnover for the first time in its history and to confirm itself as the leader in non-alcoholic beverages in Italy. "The announcement of the award took place during the annual Christmas greetings meeting and took by surprise the many workers present at the Scorzè headquarters and connected remotely from the Italian factories", reports a company note.

The prize of 600 euros will be awarded to all 2000 collaborators of the Group's Italian factories – Scorzè (Venice), Paese (TV), Pocenia (Udine), Donato (Biella), Popoli (Pescara), Nepi (Viterbo), Viggianello (Potenza), Cutolo (Potenza) - as well as to workers in foreign factories in Spain, Poland and Hungary, and will be paid in January 2024 by crediting the company welfare portal.

“The goal that has been achieved is truly important, the result of choices made difficult by the economic period we are experiencing and by the continuous commitment to maintaining a high value of the San Benedetto brand in the Italian and foreign markets – declares Zoppas –. We have crossed a stormy sea and we are taking a moment to recover our energy, ready to set off towards even more ambitious goals. At this moment, as the Board of Directors, we felt in a united way the desire to thank our collaborators with a tangible sign, which is an appreciation for the work done but also a challenge to continue on this path".

The welfare instrument allows for multiple benefits: from the family sphere (e.g. education, training, child care, assistance for the elderly and disabled), to various services (e.g. transport season tickets, mortgage payment, fuel vouchers), from free time (sport, travel, culture), health care (specialist visits, laboratory tests, check-ups, dental and dental care, nutrition and well-being, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, sporting activities, spas and wellness centers) and supplementary social security . Furthermore, employees will have the possibility to extend the use of credit to purchase shopping vouchers or choose reimbursement for water, electricity and gas bills.

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