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illycaffè: 90 years of global success

Exclusively to EFA News, Andrea Illy indicates regenerative agriculture as a strong point of the /Video

Coffee means business but it also means socialization. With coffee you can make life more pleasant for anyone. Coffee is truly a symbol of globalization. Illycaffè knows something about this, and on the occasion of its 90th anniversary it has taken stock of a glorious history, a real business case that has attracted the attention of investors and consumers for years.

Illycaffè is currently present in 240 countries around the world and, next year, is aiming above all to expand two already strong markets such as the USA and China. The demand for coffee throughout the world is increasing but climate change risks reducing cultivable surfaces: to take action, with foresight, illycaffé has prepared, since 2018, a regenerative agriculture protocol, put into practice by 70% of the growers who work for the Trieste company.

On the occasion of the big party, held at the central production site in Trieste (read EFA News), president Andrea Illy, speaking to EFA News , summarized in just a few minutes the past, present and future of the company founded in 1933 by his grandfather Francesco Illy .

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