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Purina Europa: products with reduced environmental impact are arriving

The launch meets Nestlé's ambition to halve CO2 emissions by 2030

Purina, Europe's leading pet care company, introduces its first CO2-efficient pet food range, Purina One DualNature, supporting Nestlé's wider ambition to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030.

Purina One DualNature products are now produced with a 15.7% reduction in CO2 and compared to 2019 the reduction was based on a life cycle assessment that measures the full environmental impact of the products. This ambitious goal was achieved thanks to substantial changes to production, recipes, logistics and packaging verified by South Pole, an external organization that verifies companies' projects and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The changes have been made without compromising the nutritional value, quality and taste of Purina One DualNature.

This important objective of reducing CO2 emissions was achieved through a series of actions throughout the entire production chain. The product formulations have been revised using more suitable ingredients and with a lower carbon footprint than the previous recipe, without, however, reducing their quality and nutritional balance. Furthermore, the production factory is powered by energy from renewable sources, while the distribution of the products uses multimodal transport systems, i.e. road and rail.

Purina One DualNature foods are available in different recipes for adult and/or sterilized cats, with chicken, turkey, beef and contain spirulina or cranberries. Ingredients known in human nutrition for their nutritional properties. Purina One DualNature Salmon with Spirulina is formulated to help support your cat's immune system, while Purina One DualNature Chicken with Cranberry, with added fish oil, helps support a healthy urinary tract.

Purina One DualNature has also transitioned to single-material packaging designed to be recyclable. By 2025, it is expected that more than 95% of packaging will be designed to be recyclable, with a commitment to reach 100%. To support the circular economy, Purina Europa has prioritized reducing the use of virgin plastic in the range's packaging process. Purina One DualNature packages are in fact made with 40% recycled plastic, using the ISCC mass balance method.

"At Purina, we are committed to producing healthy, nutritious foods you can trust and believe that caring for the environment is just as important as providing the best quality products for pets,” said Fabio Degli Esposti , Marketing Director. of Purina Europa. “Purina ONE DualNature is the first pet food range to announce a reduction in its carbon footprint, but it is only the beginning. In fact, Purina Europa is trying to actively contribute to achieving Nestlé's ambitious goal of reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. Our journey continues and we are constantly working to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, so that pet owners can contribute positively to the health of their pets and the planet" .

“Purina One DualNature is a very important product launch for us and a source of pride. In fact, it represents the perfect example of our concrete commitment towards pets, to provide them with high quality and balanced nutrition, and to the Planet, undertaking improvement actions along the entire supply chain, to achieve our ambitious environmental sustainability objectives" , said Luca Cavallero , director of Purina's Grocery Business Unit.

Purina One DualNature embodies Purina's commitments, providing high-quality nutrition to support the health of cats, while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions, for a better future.

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