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Beer&Food Attraction 2024: from beers to mixology, between trends and news

The event, scheduled from 18 to 20 February, will bring a sector worth 10.2 billion euros to Riminifiera

The all-round beverage industry returns as a protagonist at Beer&Food Attraction, the event organized by the Italian Exhibition Group from 18 to 20 February 2024 at the Rimini Fair. Of the 14 pavilions, 8 will be dedicated to Beverage, a sector represented at 360° at the fair. In the foreground not only the excellent Italian and international breweries, craft and mainstream, but the entire Beverage sector and the Mixology world, from soft drinks to spirits, from mineral waters to fruit juices, up to energy drinks.

In the three Arenas dedicated to events in the beverage world - Beer&Tech Arena, Horeca Arena and Mixology Circus - a rich schedule of talks, events and awards ceremonies will be developed, with the participation of the main Italian sector associations and international guests, such as the Brewers Association, an American non-profit reference for craft beers and The Brewers of Europe, reference voice for the brewing sector in Europe. Beer&Food Attraction will host a wide range of products and news for the entire Beverage world, with events and meetings that will see the most authoritative exponents of the sector. The most complete offer of processing and filling technologies, raw materials, packaging, equipment and services for beers and drinks will be at the center of BBTech Expo, the event which takes place at the same time as Beer&Food Attraction, dedicated to technologies.

High quality beverage comes to life at the Mixology Circus, the arena dedicated to the universe of spirits and cocktail bars, born from an Ieg project with the special consultancy of Samuele Ambrosi , cocktail bar developer and owner of the Cloakroom Cocktail Lab, vice-president of the Italian Association of Barmen and Supporters (Aibes). The Mixology Circus presents itself in the 2024 edition with a dynamic format focused on the art of mixing, which will feature 10 venues, including two international cocktail bars: Cloakroom (Treviso), Drink Kong (Rome), Gucci Giardino 25 (Florence) , Freni e Frizioni (Rome), Jerry Thomas (Rome), Panda & Sons (Edinburgh – Scotland), Quanto Basta (Lecce), Ruggine (Bologna), The bar in front of the Bar (Athens – Greece), Tripstillery (Milan ). During the three days of the fair, high-level masterclasses will be held in the Mixology Circus space by Mixology experts always in step with the evolution of the sector, where the cocktail will be at the center of attention for its taste, but above all for its preparation which becomes a real moment of spectacle. Mixology Circus is an unmissable opportunity to learn about the products and quality of the ingredients of partner companies, which, with the best expertly mixed spirits, also offers a complete and high-quality tasting experience.

Also for the 2024 edition Beer&Food Attraction is supported by its historic partners, Assobirra-Confindustria and Unionbirrai. The brewing competition counts on a jury made up of 84 expert tasters, coming from abroad (Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Panama, USA) and from all over the world. 'Italy: there are 2153 craft beers registered in the 45 different categories by 255 breweries. Among its most important events, Unionbirrai promotes the Italian Craft Beer Conference, which, with two days of talks and seminars, aims to create an opportunity for in-depth analysis of beer production techniques, technologies, raw materials, instruments and analysis of trends in the Italian craft beer market, and promote dialogue between all players in the supply chain.

The beer industry in Italy, which creates 10.2 billion euros of shared value and 124 thousand jobs along the supply chain, finds its reference association in AssoBirra, which also this year renews its patronage of Beer&Food Attraction and she will be the protagonist of several events which will see her as spokesperson for the entire beer sector. Thanks to the important collaboration with the Brewers Association, the panorama of craft beers made in the USA is on stage, which promotes a special tasting in its talk program: "Discover American Craft Beer Tasting". Brewers of Europe, however, will show the scenarios related to beer in European countries in the conference "The European beer sector - state of play and prospects".

The spotlight is obviously on food-beer pairing with a rich program which includes, among the various events, the demo "The construction of a menu combined with 3 innovative beers: organic, gluten free, alcohol free. A sensorial tasting journey through the use of powders and gels", which takes shape thanks to the collaboration with the Brescia training school Cast Alimenti and the participation of Unionbirrai Beer Taster. The beer venues also converge at Beer&Food Attraction for the recognition of the Beer Academy: an award given to those specialized venues that demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, authentic passion, attention in the choice of beers and in the tapping technique, edited by the specialized magazine Il mondo della Beer. To celebrate the loyalty between the place and its customers there is the Pub&Friends Awards, a competition launched on the initiative of the blog by Silvano Rusmini , also creator of the CocktailBar&Firends Awards of the blog Furthermore, on the stage of the Beer&Tech Arena, beer and wine will be compared, exploring the techniques and languages of the two different teaching approaches in the Unione Gustatori Birre talk "Beer vs Wine: two teaching styles compared".

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