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Farmers' protest: tension in Strasbourg (outside and inside the European Parliament)

Tractors block the institutional entrance. Weber (EPP) rides the protest and is attacked by Socialists and Greens

After Brussels, the tractor protest has targeted the other crucial point of the European Union. Hundreds of agricultural vehicles blocked the entrance to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, while the debate on the conclusions of the latest EU summit was underway in the presence of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen , and the President of the European Council Charles Michel. The police intervened by raising mobile barriers to contain the protest, while hundreds of demonstrators crowded in front of the main entrance of the European Chamber, blocking the circulation of cars and public transport.

Even inside the chamber, the tension is palpable. The clash between Popolari and Socialists is the litmus test of a decades-old alliance now on the ropes. It is probable that the showdown within the MEP majority will take place precisely on the future of agriculture. It was the EPP group leader in Strasbourg , Manfred Weber, who took the defense of the farmers' movement. "While we asked to listen to farmers we were treated like lobbyists and our MEPs denigrated for listening to their requests," Weber said regarding the conclusions of the latest European summit. "European farmers are not people who want to pollute, they don't want to destroy nature, they know nature better than anyone else. They don't want to mistreat animals, they work with animals every day. They are not lobbyists. We as the EPP see them We thank them and will always be at their side."

The Socialists and Greens responded to the EPP group leader. "Weber is not doing the agricultural sector a great favor. The fact that you try to flaunt your defense, it is not acceptable to exploit the crisis and the suffering of a sector for electoral purposes. It is clear that the problems exist but the responsibilities are common , or perhaps the EPP voted against the reform of the CAP?", said the socialist group leader Iratxe Garcia Perez . "We Greens have been saying for years that the CAP as it was conceived is not sustainable for the planet and for farmers. Today is the time to act and not pass the buck", added Green group leader Terry Reintke .

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