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BBTech Expo: technologies and services for the entire beverage supply chain

Appointment in Rimini, from 18 to 20 February, simultaneously with Beer&Food Attraction

Support and promote the entire beverage technological supply chain. This is the objective of BBTech Expo, the professional fair of technologies and raw materials for beers and beverages of the Italian Exhibition Group, which brings together at the Rimini Fair (18-20 February 2024) the most complete review of processing and filling systems, raw materials, packaging, equipment and services for the production of beers and drinks. Among the strong points of this 6th edition are the strong training and conference offer and the presence of the best companies in the sector. The great novelty of the Innovation District, the contemporaneity with Beer&Food Attraction and the International Horeca Meeting of Italgrob, will transform the Rimini event into the scenario of a great business, training, updating and networking opportunity that covers all aspects of the food industry beverage.

Dedicated exclusively to industry professionals, BBTech Expo represents an innovative trade fair format in which machine and plant manufacturers find business opportunities with the companies exhibiting beer and beverages at Beer&Food Attraction and with visiting operators. The two fairs bring over 600 exhibitors to Rimini, without forgetting the 125 foreign buyers present from 40 countries. For BBTech Expo, among the foreign exhibitors, the most represented countries are Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, all characterized by a long brewing tradition, while outside of Europe Canada and the United States stand out. For the 2024 edition of BBTech Expo and Beer&Food Attraction, Italian Exhibition Group has announced the great news of the Innovation District: it is a special exhibition area, set up in the West Hall, which will be the beating heart of innovation; a real district in which to ensure visibility for all those companies that constantly invest in research and development, contributing to the progress and continuous improvement of the Food & Beverage sector. Inside there are two specific areas. The first concerns the Start-Up Area, born thanks to the partnership between Italian Exhibition Group and Angi - National Association of Young Innovators and the collaboration with Ice Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, which will be the showcase of innovative companies that offer Out of Home technologies, services and solutions.

In the other area there is space for the Innovation Award, which will offer the opportunity to exhibiting companies to highlight their peculiarities and distinctive values by applying for one of the 5 categories present: Innovative Product, Sustainability, Digital Innovation, Labeling and Packaging. The judging will be done by a very important jury composed of Roberto Baldassari , director of the Angi Scientific Committee - National Association of Young Innovators; Diana Battaggia , Director General United Nations Industrial Development Organization; Carlo Corazza , director of the European Parliament Offices in Italy; Mauro Spagnolo , director of "Renewables" and expert foodtech/agritec/sustainability journalist; Domenico Nuzzo , researcher at the National Research Council – Cnr; Antonio Parenti , head of the European Commission Representation in Italy; Giorgio Deponti , professor of Food and Product Design at the Polytechnic of Milan and Strategic Design Consultant; Barbara De Ruggeri , official of the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Uniba) at the Research and Third Mission Office of the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences. The awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 20th.

There are three major exhibition sectors in which BBTech Expo is developed: Raw Materials, Production Technologies, Filling&Packaging. The first area contains everything that is required to make a very high quality beer: hops, malt, water and yeasts, with high-profile companies such as Mr. Malt, Corimpex and Castel Malting. Next, for Production Technologies, all the most advanced systems that meet production needs are on display at the fair: distillers, fermenters, pasteurizers, filtration systems and cooking rooms. In this case the companies present are Easybrau Velo by Omnia Technologies, Lasi, Spadoni and Letina Inox. Finally, Filling&Packaging, or everything related to latest generation bottling machines (with companies such as Gai, Comac/CFT Group, Cimec, Emma and Wild Goose Filling) and closing and packaging systems (P-ink by Pelliconi). Without forgetting the manufacturers of glasses and bottles, caps and tapping equipment (Celli Group, Vinservice Micro Matic and Cis) up to labels and labeling machines (Epson,

Space also for leading companies in analysis systems, such as Idroricerche and Biomerieux; a very rich offer that makes BBTech Expo the point of reference for the entire beer supply chain. Naturally there will be no shortage of the most important sector talks within the Beer&Tech Arena. We start on Monday 19th, at 10.30 am, with the University of Udine presenting the research "New hopping technique and biotransformations in the production of craft beer": a series of experimental tests to improve the control of the olfactory profile of beer, with results capable of increasing the range of flavors that traditional hops can impart to beer.

Also on Monday, but at 11.15, there will be space for "The scientific and technical communication of the Italian brewing ecosystem" organized by Rivista Imbottigliamento: it will be an opportunity to talk about the national brewing ecosystem and its stability, despite the international crises and difficult financial situations, also speaking of exports. Finally moving on to Tuesday 20th here is the talk "Analytical control in the brewery: fundamental analyses", organized by Cerb (Research Center for Beer Excellence): a way to analyze the fundamental parameters to be kept under control and which influence significantly determine the quality of the beer.

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