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China proposes itself as the new world granary

Investigation Discloses: the Country will come to hold 52% of world stocks of wheat

Not all evil comes to harm, they say. And never as in this case the popular adage has a practical application that confirms it. Because it is now clear that the war between Russia and Ukraine is good for someone, especially for certain businesses such as wheat and cereals in general. China, for example, with about 140 million tons, will come to hold 52% of world grain stocks and 64% of corn stocks (170 million tons). 

Compared to before the war, China increased its grain stock by 12 million tons (+4%), as well as the European Union (from 4% to 7% + 4 million tons), while the reserves of the United States are drastically reduced (from 8% to 6%). This is what emerges from an analysis published by the Centro Studi Divulga in the paper "Mari in tempesta", a study on the impact of ongoing wars on the agri-food system.

Among the countries involved in the conflict, Russia, in addition to having increased its production, has also increased reserves by 32%, while Ukraine marks a decrease of 51% compared to two years ago in addition to a drop in production of about 30%. Among the main causes of the emptying of Ukrainian silos are uncertainties on the energy front with the increase in relative costs that have been added to the decrease in production.

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