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Passata Extrafine Tuscana Cirio Alta Cucina: from the excellence of the territory, an unmistakable flavour

Without seeds and peels, this novelty was designed for professional chefs and pizza makers

The Extrafine Passata della Toscana is the new premium proposal from Cirio Alta Cucina, the 100% Italian tomato specialist since 1856, ambassador of the excellence of Made in Italy throughout the world. This innovation, designed for professional chefs and pizza makers, transforms every dish into an authentic gastronomic masterpiece, for a memorable taste experience. Without seeds and skins, it stands out for its dense and velvety consistency (made possible by passing the tomatoes through an extrafine sieve), which delicately blends with the ingredients of the recipes used by cooking professionals, creating a perfect balance between quality and tradition.

The Extrafine Passata della Toscana is made exclusively with the best Tuscan tomatoes grown by the farmers of the Cirio Alta Cucina supply chain, harvested at the right level of ripeness and processed within a few hours in the production plant in Maremma, so as to guarantee freshness and authenticity and give the puree an intense sweetness that makes it unmistakable. The high yield of Passata Extrafine della Toscana exceeds all expectations, offering ideal versatility for any culinary creation. It represents the commitment to quality and love for local excellence.

The splendid landscape of Tuscany, and in particular of the Tuscan Maremma, represents one of the most suitable areas for tomato cultivation, and in that land overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the fields of the Cirio Alta Cucina farmers are located. A short, traced, 100% Italian supply chain, which grows tomatoes which are then processed in the Albinia production site in the province of Grosseto. This is how the Extrafine Passata della Tuscany was born, the result of the expert hands and great passion of the farmers, a favorable climate and a unique territory.

The traditional 3 kg tin package, which has always been one of the reference formats of the Cirio Alta Cucina range, also becomes a characterizing sign of the Passata Extrafine della Toscana. The iconic blue of Cirio, which expresses modernity and elegance, enhances the bright red color of the tomato puree served on the chef's plate in the chromatic contrast. The origin of the raw material (100% Tuscan tomatoes) and the approval by the Italian Chefs Federation (Fic) are highly highlighted.

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