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Pernigotti and Walcor in the Association of Historic Brands of Italy

President Mastrobuono: "A contribution to the valorization of Made in Italy"

Pernigotti and Walcor join the Historical Brands Association of Italy. The two well-known confectionery companies, controlled by JP Morgan starting from 2022, have in fact become part of the partnership which aims to promote the strategic importance of historic Italian brands and give them impetus as a lever of competitiveness and internationalisation. Already in recent years, both companies had been registered in the special register of historical trademarks of national interest, established at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, and had also seen the entry of Invitalia into the respective share capital as a minority shareholder.

The Association of Historical Brands of Italy was founded in 2021 and, to date, over 40 companies owning brands of historical importance, recognized as being of national interest with registration in the relevant ministerial register, belong to it. Among these companies now also includes Pernigotti, based in Novi Ligure (Alessandria), which has been operating since 1860 and is famous throughout the world for its gianduia and chocolate products, including the iconic Gianduiotto and Cremino, as well as hazelnuts , nougats, nougats, chocolate bars, Easter eggs and spreadable creams. For its part, Walcor, founded in 1954 in Cremona, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. It is a world leader in the production of chocolate coins and is one of the leading producers in Italy of chocolate eggs and other confectionery products for Halloween, Christmas and Epiphany, both with its own brand and for private labels.

“The membership of Pernigotti and Walcor, leading companies in the confectionery sector at a global level, to our Association strengthens the network of Historic Brand excellences that narrate the true Made in Italy”, stated Massimo Caputi , president of the Historic Brands Association of 'Italy. “Thanks to the Corporate Safeguarding Fund, high quality Italian production has been protected, and today the synergy existing between the two companies is significant of the potential that the Historic Brands have to develop in an innovative way, spreading beyond national borders the great riches that in the The collective imagination are associated with our country, starting from the Italian know-how which has always represented a universally recognized distinctive trait".

“We are pleased to have joined the Historical Brands of Italy Association with our companies to contribute to the valorisation of Made in Italy”, underlined Luigi Mastrobuono , president of the board of directors of Pernigotti and Walcor, this membership contributes to the "valorisation of made in Italy" and, through it, "a path started with the recognition of historicity in 2021 is completed, with the entry of Invitalia through the Historic Brands Safeguarding Fund in 2022, concurrent with the investment of JP Morgan, and then with the repositioning of our products on the market, which have proven to be highly appreciated by Italians even in the recent Christmas holiday season. The work has been well planned, now we are busy with development".

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