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Increases in food and beverage sector: not even Japan is saved

Price increases for 2806 food items expected in April

According to a survey carried out by the Japanese research company Teikoku Databank, the prices of 2,806 food products will increase in Japan in April, a figure that exceeds for the first time the ceiling of 2,000 products recorded in October last year, although it is lower by 48.1% compared to April 2023, when the prices of 5,404 items had increased.

The increase - according to what The Japan Times writes on the Teikoku Databank source -, supported by the increase in the costs of ingredients, becomes evident again following the unstable meteorological trend.

An American product stands out above all, i.e. Del Monte ketchup 300 g pack, which Kikkoman will retail for 319 yen (old price 292 yen). In the meat sector, for example, 220 items will be subject to price increases from the processed meat producer Itoham Foods. An upward adjustment that will more or less consistently affect all sectors, including the confectionery and spirits categories, in particular the whiskeys so dear to the Japanese.

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