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Nardini Distillery acquires exclusive Schladerer and Vulcanica

The Black Forest brand and the Sicilian vodka of Etna are available in the horeca market

Distilleria Nardini, the historic Venetian company that produces high quality grappa and liqueurs, has signed two new agreements for the exclusive distribution in Italy of Schladerer and Volcanic products, available exclusively for the horeca market.

Schladerer is a prestigious German distillery originally from the Black Forest founded by the homonymous family in 1844. Its production of fruit distillates. stresses an official statement, "is characterized by the commitment to craftsmanship and quality, where the highest standards are applied at every stage of the process, from the careful selection of fruit harvested by hand, to the expert work of distillers, up to the unique finish given to each individual product". 

Today the distillery is at the 6th generation. In Italy will be distributed exclusively: Cherry Brandy, Wild Raspberry Brandy, Plum Brandy, Mirabelle Plum Brandy, Apple and Pear Brandy, Plum Brandy and Williams Pear Brandy. There will also be the super premium line, the "Rarities": N.1 Wild Plum, N.2 Black Cherry, N.3 Red Pear Williams, N.4 Wild Plum, N.5 Hazelnut. Finally, to complete the line offered by the German house, will also be distributed the Gretchen Dry Gin, a distillate composed of 18 selected botanicals (including essences of fresh berries, aromatic petals, spruce shoots) ready to delight the palates in search of a full and authentic taste.

The second brand acquired by Nardini is Volcanic, an authentic artisanal Sicilian vodka distilled from Sicilian grains grown on the slopes of Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe and a World Heritage site. Volcanic is the first vodka with these characteristics, unique in its kind and, underlines the statement, "represents the passion of Sicilian farmers and those who support local cultivation, preserving the biodiversity of the Etna territory": the minerality of the soil, the air of a sea land and the strength of ancient grains, united to create an authentic and sophisticated vodka. 

There are six different qualities of ancient Sicilian grains cultivated on the slopes of Etna that embody the local tradition of thousands of years: Perciasacchi, Russello, Mallorca, Timilia, Biancolilla and Margherito. Vodka is subjected to a double artisanal distillation that gives "the product the body and softness that are recognized". 

"With the Schladerer and Volcanic distillates, Distilleria Nardini strengthens and expands its offer of super premium products, in line with the trend of premiumization that is characterizing the spirits market -explains Nardini ceo, Michele Viscidi-. We are proud and happy to distribute in Italy the excellence of Schladerer that for almost two centuries have been a benchmark in the market of fruit distillates, and Vodka Volcanic, an extraordinary product that enhances ancient culture and identity of a land that deserves to be valued". 

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