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Nestlé: Orzoro wins "Best Packaging 2024" award

Recognized product accessibility thanks to ergonomic design and presence of information in Braille

The 120g Orzoro package won the "Best Packaging 2024" award, awarded this morning by the Italian Packaging Institute for the "accessibility" category. The jury in fact recognized its ease of use thanks to the ergonomic design of the packaging, oval in shape, suitable for adults and children, characterized by a resealable and easily removable lid thanks to the presence of two lateral grip tabs. Furthermore, the pack contains basic information on the product also in Braille, in order to allow the visually impaired and blind to read it.

The Orzoro brand has been part of the Nestlé Group since 1974. Initially it was intended for children's breakfast as a milk substitute, but the change in eating habits towards a healthier diet led Nestlé Orzoro to also address an adult audience, becoming a leader in the market of barley-based drinks. Today, Orzoro is the best-selling barley product in Italy, chosen by almost 3 million families.

“We are very proud of this award, which recognizes the commitment and dedication with which we work every day to make the packaging of our products more sustainable and accessible. The range of Orzoro products - and with it also the packaging - has evolved over time to satisfy new consumer trends and habits and to meet the needs of consumers, who are increasingly attentive to sustainability, accessibility and ease of use of the product”, declared Diletta Golfieri, Marketing Manager Nescafé and Orzoro.

“The Orzoro packaging, iconic packaging, is striking in its recognizable simplicity due to the attention to accessibility. In fact, it combines various elements such as ergonomics, easy open and foldability. The information is also accessible to the blind thanks to the Braille print on the cap", commented the jury president Luigi De Nardo , professor at the Polytechnic of Milan.

Today it is increasingly important to work on the accessibility of packaging, an area in which the Group has already achieved significant results in terms of recyclability: in Europe Nestlé has achieved the important goal of 95% of the packaging of its products designed for recycling.

The Group, in fact, is working with perseverance and determination to achieve increasingly significant results from a circular economy perspective by focusing on three different key factors: redesigning its packaging, reducing waste to a minimum and optimizing the use of recyclable and reusable materials. .

Nestlé is focusing on developing packaging that uses less raw material, lightening and eliminating unnecessary plastic lids, accessories, layers and films, while continuing to ensure the food safety of its products.

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