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Türkiye closes trade to/from Israel

Erdogan cracks down to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza

Trade deals worth $6.8 billion frozen. Fertilizers were among the goods blocked a month ago. The new measure starting today. Tel Aviv: "Erdogan behaves like a dictator"

The news had already circulated yesterday as a journalistic indiscretion. It was later confirmed by the Ankara government itself: Turkey unilaterally broke off trade relations with Israel. The first comment was that of Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz , who called Turkish President Recep Erdogan "a dictator" who "is breaking international trade agreements" and "ignores the interests of the Turkish people and businessmen." .

The economic war between the two Near Eastern countries had already been in the air since last month, when the Turkish Ministry of Commerce announced a package of sanctions, concerning 54 products and raw materials, including ceramics, fertilizers, marble and steel. Now the total block of any form of import and export. An unprecedented step insofar as in 2023, trade between the two countries produced a turnover of 6.8 billion dollars. “Turkey will strictly apply these measures until the Israeli government guarantees full access of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip,” the ministry officially states.

"Erdogan is breaking agreements, blocking ports for Israeli imports and exports. This is the way a dictator behaves, ignoring the interests of the Turkish people and businessmen and ignoring international trade agreements," he comments on we win and they lose,” added the Israeli Foreign Minister.

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