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Logistic, Ignazio Messina and Tarros connect Italy, Libya and Egypt

The new line from half june will scale three Italian ports, three Libyans and one Egyptian/ Annex

The shipping companies Ignazio Messina and Tarros connect Italy with Libya and Egypt. They do so with a service that, in the case of Messina is called Eli, acronym for Egypt, Libie and Italie, and in the case of Tarros was called Lex. "The acronym Eli -emphasizes the communiqué of Messina- is also the synthesis of the objective that the new marine service in joint between the Ignazio Messina & C. and the Tarros Group is placed: that to realize and to manage an efficient connection between Italy, Libya and Egypt climbing three Italian ports, three Libyan ports and one Egyptian". 

A historical service, but partially renewed to meet the new commercial needs, that the two companies already offered together in the past and that testifies the profitable collaboration between the two Italian companies. It will be a service in Vessels sharing agreement through the employment of two container ships, one of Messina and one of Tarros, with an ability each of circa1.150/1.200 teu from 14 tons. The first trip will sail in mid-June with the following rotation: Salerno, La Spezia, Genoa, Tripoli, Misurata, Alexandria, Benghazi, Salerno: the frequency of departures will be fourteenth. 

The new maritime line takes on a very particular geopolitical and commercial meaning: it marks in all respects the reopening of the Libyan market also from Southern Europe as well as from the areas beyond Suez, market in which Ignazio Messina & C. has a historical presence, the north-bound connection between Egypt and Italy is reactivated, the traffic between Alexandria and Benghazi will also be developed, Finally, through the hubs of Alexandria and Genoa Libya and Egypt will also be connected with all other markets served by Ignazio Messina & C.

In contemporaneous with the opening of this service Infra-Mediterranean, the Messina will begin to scale the port of Alexandria in north-bound with the ships of the service Middle-East offering a direct port of call for the coming traffics from the regions of India, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The group, on the same service, will scale also the ports of Malta and Augusta as "private call".

Photo gallery La nuova rotta Italia, Egitto, Libia di Ignazio Messina e Tarros
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