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Cibus /3. Eurovo launches Le Naturelle drink rich in calcium and proteins

The company arrives at the fair, consolidating its expertise in the professional world

Eurovo presented itself at the XXII edition of Cibus, the International Made in Italy Food Exhibition in Parma, with a significant innovation: in addition to the usual presence in the large-scale retail channel, it is also participating with its Professional division. This should allow the company to display its entire Food Service range for the first time, an ideal opportunity to meet technicians and professionals in the sector. The event, which ends on 10 May, is also an opportunity to unveil a new addition to the Le Naturelle range, marking a further step in Eurovo's innovation. For the company, which has been a specialist in the production of eggs and egg products for 70 years, the fair represents the ideal context to confirm its commitment to valorising a versatile product such as the egg, which in its extreme simplicity never ceases to amaze in its infinite declensions.

Eurovo Group enters the milk replacer market with the Le Naturelle brand with the brand new drink rich in calcium and proteins, with a delicate vanilla flavour. The result of years of research, Gruppo Eurovo has managed to recreate a product designed to revolutionize Italian breakfasts: similar nutritional values to milk, excellent flavor for making a frothy cappuccino with great whipping power. Thanks to the presence of egg white, a precious source of proteins with high biological value and fat-free, the le Naturelle drink guarantees a high protein value and a low calorie content. Rich in calcium, necessary for the maintenance of normal bones, and fibre, it is ideal as an alternative to cow's milk as it is naturally lactose-free and is also suitable for people with celiac disease as it is gluten-free. The drink also has a complete and balanced nutritional value, making it one of the most complete options in its category.

Without sugar and with a delicate vanilla flavour, it can be mixed with coffee and cocoa without altering the taste and is perfect for preparing cappuccinos thanks to the natural whipping power of egg white, which ensures an airy and soft foam just like that of the bar. In fact, the Le Naturelle Drink Rich in Calcium and Proteins represents a valid alternative to cow's milk also in the Food Service segment, as the whipping power of egg white guarantees a compact, stable and drawable foam.

“Cibus is the reference fair for the Made in Italy food sector at an international level, a meeting place to dialogue with the main distribution players, with Food Service operators and with the technicians and professionals of the food industry", declares Federico Lionello , Commercial and Marketing Management of the Eurovo Group. "We deliberately chose this stage for the launch of the brand new drink Le Naturelle Rich in Calcium and Proteins, a novelty destined to revolutionize the scenario of free-from drinks and alternatives to cow's milk. confirms our commitment to promoting the egg in the name of innovation, to offer consumers an incredible food in ever new forms and contexts. We are satisfied with the proposition of this product, which, thanks to intense years of research and discussions with technicians and consumers, has managed to combine nutritional and gustatory aspects".

In addition to the complete le Naturelle range, which offers an assortment of eggs and egg products from a vertically integrated supply chain and from farms attentive to animal welfare (free-range, free-range and organic in addition to the antibiotic-free supply chain), Gruppo Eurovo also presents at Cibus the ProUp offer, the hi-protein brand based on egg white proteins designed to meet the needs of athletes and those attentive to well-being through products with a fast and innovative format and consumption method: from ready-to-drink drinks with 20 g of protein in low sugar bars, including high protein pancakes, bottled egg whites, hard-boiled eggs and the new low-fat ragù based on egg whites and white meat.

Furthermore, the company confirms its vocation at the service of Food Service operators through the rich portfolio of products dedicated to the professional world characterized by references with very high performance and greater service content, to best support professionals in their daily work and help them optimize time, resources and food costs thanks to the quality and safety that only the vertically integrated supply chain and a strong focus on sustainability can guarantee.

Among the brands present at Cibus there is no shortage of Eurovo Service with some of its flagship products, such as the Professional Ready-to-use Lactose-Free Custard and Cuisine Royale, the ready-to-cook semi-finished product, ideal for preparing scrambled eggs, carbonara, omelettes, pancakes and much more, and Bakery Innovation, with its range of semi-finished products made from 100% Italian category A free-range eggs. The schedule of demonstrations and tastings on the stand is also enriched by the presence of Lolli Liquori products, the historic Bolognese liquor factory that offers a vast range of artisanal liqueurs and pastry products. This synergy underlines Gruppo Eurovo's commitment to offering a complete range of products that enrich the consumption experience at any time of the day, from the most sophisticated culinary preparations to accompaniments for desserts and moments of relaxation.

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