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Ferrero opens first chocolate factory in North America

75 million dollar investment in new plant in Bloomington, Illinois

Ferrero North America has decided to invest 75 million dollars to open its first chocolate processing plant in North America, the third globally. The project sees the addition of 70,000 square meters to Ferrero’s manufacturing campus in Bloomington, Illinois. The site will produce chocolate for some of the famous Ferrero brands, including Kinder, Ferrero Rocher, Butterfinger and Crunch.

"Bringing Ferrero’s decades of experience in producing world-class, high-quality chocolate to Illinois, the heart of the American food and confectionery industry, will help us achieve our goal of being the market leader in sweets and treats -stresses Alanna Cotton, president and chief business officer of Ferrero North America-. Ferrero and Bloomington will be bigger together for years to come".

The investment further expands Ferrero’s presence in Illinois. The company produces Butterfinger and Baby Ruth products at its Franklin Park facility and Keebler products on 110th Street in Chicago. Last year the company opened its new Innovation Center and R&D labs in the historic Marshall Field and Company Building in Chicago. 

The Ferrero production campus in Bloomington produces Crunch, 100 Grand and Raisinets, as well as chocolate: soon it will also host a new 214 million dollar Kinder Bueno production facility, which is expected to create a further 200 jobs at local level when it opens later this year.

"The exceptional talent and infrastructure in central Illinois contributes to the growth of Ferrero’s iconic brands, from Crunch and 100 Grand to Raisinets and soon to Kinder Bueno -says Illinois governor JB Pritzker-. The Ferrero factory in Bloomington, which now includes the company’s first chocolate factory outside of Europe, is demonstrating to the whole world the productive ability we have right here in Illinois".

Also satisfied was the mayor of Bloomington, Mboka Mwilambwe, who commented: "Ferrero’s investments have been a fundamental engine of the incredible growth of our community: I can not wait to prosper together for years to come".

The chocolate processing plant is part of Ferrero’s overall growth and investment in North America: in addition to new projects in Illinois, the company has recently invested in new capacity and facilities for the Brantford plant, In Ontario, he added distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona and invested in Oregon hazelnut growers. Ferrero’s presence in North America now amounts to more than 5,100 employees in eight offices and twelve factories and warehouses in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

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