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Macfrut. Bayer's Vynyty Pro Press awarded Biosolutions Innovation Award

The product line is based on the principle of fighting pests with zero impact on the environment

Product innovation was rewarded at Macfrut (Rimini fair) in the fourth edition of the Biosolutions Innovation Award, as part of the Biosolutions International Event, which makes the trade fair the European point of reference for the sector with around seventy companies present. Coordinated by Agri2000 net, the scientific partner of the event, two innovations were awarded by the scientific committee: Vynyty Pro Press by Bayer and YaraMila Nutri by Yara. The award was presented by Lorenzo Galanti, General Director of Ice Agenzia.

In detail, with Vynyty Pro Press the practice of sexual confusion in tomato and peach reaches greater efficiency thanks to the longer duration of the treatment, the ease of use and the extreme sustainability of the product which at the end of its life degrades naturally in the environment. The award was received by Silvano Locardi , Bayer's Fruit and Vine Marketing Manager, together with Ignazio Romeo , Bayer's Horticultural Marketing Manager. The other innovative product awarded is YaraMila Nutri by Yara. Used on fruit and vegetable crops, it increases the growth of the root system and allows better absorption of nutrients administered at low doses. He received the Rocco Cavoto , Sales & Marketing and Agronomy award from Yara.

Vynyty Pro Press is a line of products based on the principle of fighting pests through sexual confusion with an innovative application system. The pheromones are encapsulated and immersed within an adhesive gel that can be applied to plant stems or greenhouse structures. The innovation introduced allows for simplicity of application, an improvement in the duration of the effectiveness of the product and above all to reduce the impact on the environment to zero as, given its complete biodegradability, it does not require the removal of the diffusers at the end of the season. The innovative technology underlying the Vynyty Pro Press line was awarded, which allows an evolution of the practice of sexual confusion, increasing its ease of use, durability in the field and sustainability.

The fertilizers in the YaraMila Nutri line use the innovative Procote-Rhyzolift biostimulant technology which covers the Npk fertilizer granule with humic and fulvic substances through an exclusive formulation. This technology aims to make fertilization more efficient and sustainable, both from an environmental and economic point of view. The application of YaraMila Nutri allows you to significantly develop the root system of the plant and, consequently, promote the absorption of essential elements such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Field tests demonstrate a high efficiency of the product, administered at lower dosages, maintaining excellent yield results. The innovative Procote-Rhyzolift biostimulant technology underlying YaraMila Nutri was awarded, capable of improving the effectiveness of fertilizers by reducing the quantities used.

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