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Macfrut gives wings to Cesena Fiera: 9.2 million euros of production value

The contract for the use of the pavilions of the Rimini Expo Center has been renewed until 2029

Having archived Macfrut 2024 as the best edition ever (read EFA News ), Cesena Fiera this afternoon (14 May) approved the budget for the year 2023 which records a decisive leap forward. The value of production went from 6.1 million euros in 2022 to 9.2 million euros last year, with a growth of +50%. The net operating profit was 445 thousand euros, lower than the 507 thousand euros of 2022, but only "on paper" since Cesena Fiera made an extraordinary contribution of 100 thousand euros to the Municipality of Cesena intended for families affected by the flood.

These extraordinary results, which bring Cesena Fiera's balance sheet to heights never reached before, are the result of the growth of the company's double soul. The international one with Macfrut, whose turnover is close to 8 million euros. At the same time, the "local" soul, which has also grown by +40% due to the appeal of the fair pavilions and the Congress Center in which substantial investments have been made in recent years, to which is added the logistical plus (proximity to the A14 and E45 , and free parking).

During the Assembly, members were informed of the signing of the new contract between Cesena Fiera and Italian Exhibition Group (Ieg) for the use of the pavilions of the Rimini Fair as the venue for the next five editions of Macfrut (2025-2029), again in early May. A choice from the perspective of the Romagna system which brought a decisive benefit to the two companies.

“The budget results confirm the right direction of the strategic choices both in the international asset and in the local soul", explains Renzo Piraccini , president of Cesena Fiera. "Regarding the confirmation of the Rimini location for the next 5 years, they speak the results: from a budget of less than 3 million euros in 2014, the last year in which Macfrut took place in Cesena, we went to over 9 million. A fundamental role in achieving this result was the modern Rimini exhibition centre, a location with an international scope to which adds the plus of low-cost hotel accommodation and significantly improved logistics now that trains also stop at the railway station inside the fair. Red Arrow. I would add that this synergy has also produced positive results for the Cesena exhibition center because some medium-small sized exhibitions and conference events have been moved from Rimini to Cesena".

Satisfaction for the renewed Macfrut-Ieg axis also from Maurizio Ermeti , president of the Italian Exhibition Group. “It is with real pleasure, and with mutual satisfaction, that the renewal of the contract between Ieg and Cesena Fiera was signed to host the next five editions of Macfrut in the Rimini exhibition centre", comments Ermeti . "The national and international success of the edition that has just ended, for which we congratulate Cesena Fiera, has once again confirmed the positivity and foresight of a choice that guarantees added value for both companies and constitutes an interesting example of synergistic collaboration at the Romagna. A collaboration and a unity of purpose that have developed and grown over the years, leading to new successes for an event like Macfrut which represents a point of reference in the agri-food sector".

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