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Pietro Coricelli: turnover over 330 million euros

With rising revenues (+36%) the Umbrian company confirms its solidity and sustainable growth

Pietro Coricelli SpA successfully continues its path of growth, transparency and sustainability: in 2023 the company reaches a record turnover of 331 million euros, up 36% compared to 2022. Values with a + sign also for the volumes of sales (60.6 million liters compared to 56.6 million in 2022). The reporting of financial performance together with information in the Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) field are described in the 2023 Integrated Report which represents an evolution compared to the previous edition as it also integrates the Financial Statements. A single document to trace, with continuity and connection, the roadmap of objectives in line with the provisions of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, anticipating the directive on sustainability reporting (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) which will come into force in 2025.

The sustainable business model and the investments made have led Coricelli not only to triple its turnover from 2018 to today (going from 116 million to the current 331) but to become a virtuous example of transparency and innovation towards all stakeholders. The company's growth is also reflected in the national market: Coricelli grows in volume by 10.3% (Source: Nielsen IQ report closing 2023), in a sector, the olive oil sector, which is declining (-9.5% compared to the previous year), while the market share in the Hyper and Super segment reaches 11.2% (2.3 percentage points more than in 2022). Results that allow Coricelli to generate new wealth in the territory with a distributed economic value that marks +37% compared to the previous year.

The company, founded in 1939 in Spoleto, has been led since 2018 by Chiara Coricelli (photo), president and CEO, who together with her three brothers represents the third generation. “2023 has been another year of challenges and changes in the global landscape but this hasn't slowed us down. We can proudly share the positive results obtained, which will continue to grow in the first quarter of 2024. In fact, we are in 1st place as an olive oil company in the extra virgin olive oil sector in Italy (source Nielsen IQ IT Food Ytd 31 March 2024 ), with a volume market share of 14.8%, and as the industry with the highest growth rate among its main competitors. Even in the 100% Italian segment (the only sector growing in both value and volume) we are the 1st operator with a market share in volume of 8.5% (source Nielsen IQ IT Food Ytd 31 March 2024). Not just numbers: in the Integrated Report we also continue to talk about the intangible assets of our company, the people, the vision that accompanies our choices, the projects launched, our commitment to the community and much more", declares Chiara Coricelli .

Among the most significant highlights of 2023 on the environmental front is the decrease in CO2 emissions of 9.4% compared to the previous year. The use of recycled paper/cardboard increases to 86%. As regards attention to people, we highlight the 15% increase in average training hours for its collaborators compared to 2022; the commitment to the community also continues with donations of products which in the three-year period have exceeded 70,000 kg of basic food. Among the most significant projects is "Sustainable Oil Supply Chain", which represents the maximum expression of transparency and sustainability for Coricelli. With almost 3 million traced bottles placed on the market in 2023, the Umbrian company continues to direct its efforts towards enhancing the transparency of the origin of the raw material, the quality of the product and the economic sustainability of the olive growers who make part of the supply chain, while at the same time raising consumer awareness towards more responsible purchasing.

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