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From sustainability to agri-food resilience

Operators compared in the conference organized by Dss+ /Gallery

Protect, Transform & Sustain. These are the 3 words of the value proposition of Dss+, a global consultancy company in the agri-food sector which gatered together on May 20th a large group of experts and operators in the sector in Bologna to reflect on "Agri-food resilience: how to build the road towards perfect food".

Three rich round tables, led respectively by Claudio Mazzini (Coop Italia), Giovanni Causapruno (xFarm) and Jan Teuwen (dss+), and as many thematic panels to explore operational strategies around a group of key words: climate risk, innovation, cultural change, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity and biochar.

According to Massimo Marino, principal of Dss+, "the issue of sustainability in agri-food must be addressed with a new cultural paradigm, it is not just a question of data and reporting. We must take note of the serious risks and only this awareness will make us take a leap decisive. Suffice it to say that only 9% of agricultural surfaces in Italy are controlled digitally, a clear indication of how widespread the lack of awareness is, for example, of climate risk."

"In this new paradigm - continues Marino - we must also consider agriculture as part of the solution and not just as a cause, a concept that was recalled by many of the speakers at the conference". A concept also strongly underlined in the speech by I saia Puddu , general manager of Granlatte (Granarolo): "It is wrong to put livestock farms in the dock, which do not have such significant impacts as a fashionable narrative is making us understand. In any case the sector is doing its part with important efforts despite the low economic value recognized in primary care".

Among the critical issues that emerged was the lack of generational continuity: the data shows that currently 80% of agricultural companies have no heirs.

The conference was attended by representatives of all sectors: industry (Lactalis, Barilla, Ferrero, Andriani, Aboca), fruit and vegetables (Zespri, Bonduelle, Melinda, Cereal Docks, Salvi/Unacoa) and livestock (Granlatte, Granarolo group).

Photo gallery Partecipanti convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Platea convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Elena Bertè (Barilla) e Marco Brambilla (Ferrero), convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Claudio Mazzini, Coop Italia Giovanni Causapruno, xFarm. Convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Luca Lovatti, Melinda. Convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024 Convegno Dss+, Bologna 20/5/2024
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