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Japan. "Italia, Amore Mio!": 35 thousand visitors in two days

Made in Italy triumphs in the land of the Rising Sun. Next year it will be repeated at the Osaka Expo

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (Iccj) reports that the "Italia, Amore Mio! 2024" event has just ended with a success. The 3000 square meters of Italia in the iconic Roppongi Hills complex, in the commercial heart of Tokyo, were visited by 35,000 Japanese visitors.

Held on May 25 and 26, 2024, the festival offered Japanese audiences an immersive experience, celebrating Italian beauty, culture and lifestyle. This year, the theme was "Dreams", with a program full of shows, concerts and talk shows that explored the world of dreams through art, music and gastronomy.

Among the special guests of this edition, flown specially from Italy to Tokyo, Ilary Blasi , to present the Japanese edition of the documentary "Unica" and the book "Che stupida", and from the musical world Carl Brave and the singer-songwriters Ainè and Umberto Maria Giardini , who performed in Japan for the first time, making the large Japanese audience dream with their music. One of the most anticipated aspects of the festival was the dining experience. Visitors were able to taste authentic Ligurian dishes prepared by renowned chefs such as Ivano Ricchebono , a starred representative of the Genoese tradition.

There was no shortage of moments dedicated to discovering the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and technology, with exhibitions of brands such as Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Msc Crociere, Riva, Poltrona Frau, Smeg, Alce Nero, Bialetti, Ita, Franciacorta and many others.
The achievement of over 35,000 visitors underlines the enthusiasm and interest of the Japanese public for Italian culture, a "dream" culture and lifestyle.

Iccj expresses its "deep gratitude" to all those who contributed to the success of "Italia, my love! 2024" and looks forward to 2025 for a special edition in the year of the Osaka Expo.

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