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Food Zurich!: ten days of tradition and experimentation

At least four events will celebrate Made in Italy, in a series of new combinations with cocktails

The 9th edition of Food Zurich! will kick off in a few days in Zurich, the third largest food festival in Europe, now a classic event dedicated to taste, products, recipes and in general all the news related to the food sector. 'diet. From 6 to 16 June the Swiss city returns to being the main European culinary hotspot, a meeting place for connoisseurs, the curious and families. In 2024 the guiding theme will continue to be "Culinary Future", or the future of food.

The more than 100 events in the city during the eleven days will characterize the 9th edition of Food Zurich! filling the city center with “visionary” gastronomic projects, ambitious start-ups, futuristic solutions, contents, colours, flavors and aromas. To discuss and answer questions about the future of food, this year the events will be organized taking into consideration ten different themes. Four events in particular will celebrate culinary Made in Italy.

Thursday 6 June, from 5pm to 11pm, will be the turn of "Pizza and Negroni". It will be a unique three-course dinner consisting of the House Salad made at the fair, seasonal pizza and homemade tiramisu, accompanied by a refreshing Spritz, the Santa Lucia Negroni and the Espresso Martini.

On 6 and 7 June, there will be "Più Pomodoro": a tribute to the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, to Italian cuisine. The event will showcase the freshness and flavor of the tomato in a variety of creations for appetizers, pasta and pizza. The "clear bloody mary" cocktail will be a perfect way to end a tomato-based meal at Ristorante Più.

Made in Italy will find space in the event for three days (6-8 June), also with "Semplice delle vegetables": a three-course menu that captures the essence of Italian family cuisine. Using only a few high-quality ingredients, we conjure dishes that reflect the soul of traditional Italian home cooking. Here the focus is on craftsmanship and pure variety of flavours. All combined with drinks that tell the story of vegetables and invite us to experiment with them.

Finally, of note, on Sunday 9 June, "Pizza Making Class & Italian Aperitif". Guests will have the opportunity to become pizza chefs and learn how to prepare a Neapolitan pizza from the dough to the toppings. The focus is on the simple ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, water and olive oil. These are the basis for the dough and an incredibly tasty dish.

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