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Brussels: the return of tractors

Unrest also on the Franco-Spanish borders. Relaunched request for reciprocity in imports

A few hours after the opening of the polls (6-9 June), European farmers are once again making themselves heard and choosing the most visible place. New tractor convoys left from various EU countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain) to arrive in Brussels in the early hours of the morning.

The procession stretched for over 8 kilometres, the Dutch component in the front line, complete with the national flag and effigy of the Farmers Defense Force, the soul of the protest against the Green Deal. The protest should culminate in these hours with the passage to the Heysel plateau, a few steps from the Belgian royal residence and the steel Atomium, symbol of the 1958 Expo in Brussels.

In the meantime, some tension was recorded in Spain and France yesterday. The protest exploded along the Pyrenean border, with farmers taking to the streets at the blockade along the Barcelona-Montpellier motorway. The requests of the primary sector are homogeneous in all European countries: primarily lowered fuel costs and reciprocity clauses towards imports from non-EU countries. In every corner of the old continent, farmers are united on one point in particular: it is considered unacceptable that European productions are bound to particularly severe rules and standards, while what arrives from across the border - in particular from Asia - is subjected to very strict controls. bland.

It is above all the French who distance themselves from the farmers, who in recent months had caused the protest to degenerate, spreading manure in the squares. Some of them ask "Europe should be standardized in terms of regulations and taxes".

From Spain there is a lot of emphasis on food sovereignty and there is the widespread impression that "promises have been made in the wind". If no significant changes emerge even after the European elections, "we will be back in action next autumn", say the demonstrators.

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