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Salumificio "La Rocca" crowned by "L'Espresso"

Coppa Piacentina Dop "La Regina" with the highest score

"5 pins", score given to the "salami" that most excited the tasting experts

On November 21st was presented the third "Espresso"’s guide new edition “i salumi d’Italia” (the Italian cured meats) at the Alma International School of Cooking in Colorno (Parma). Vittorio Magni, one of Salumificio La Rocca’s owners, received the certificate for the Coppa Piacentina Dop "La Regina", which obtained the highest Italian excellence rating: "the 5 pins",  score given to the salami that has more impressed the tasting experts. This award confirms the three slices (Coppa Piacentina Dop La Rocca) score obtained in Salumi del Gambero Rosso 2013’s guide. The three slices awards the best “salami for taste and aroma”. "L'Espresso"'s guide tells of an all-Italian world, extraordinarily rich in history, tradition and typical products, and proposes to focus attention on producers and the best operators in the segment, through a rigorous and scrupulous work that has photographed the happy moment of Italian delicatessen.

Enzo Vizzari, the director, declares that this Guide comes from months of experts and enthusiasts’s tasting sessions (cooks, butchers, food and wine critics, sommeliers) who have cataloged hundreds of samples and therefore expressed their “votes”, free of judgment, recording the growing number of “excellences” compared to the edition of two years ago. Sabatino Sorrentino, curator of "Espresso"’s Guide "Salumi d'Italia", draws attention to developing the market segment as previously done for wine and tasting schools and he focuses to analize deeper the product’s knowledge and its tipicity. Andrea Radic, who attended the award ceremony was appointed to be the journalist in charge for the new project, with in-depth articles, food and wine world’s news, itineraries and events. The traditional Salumificio La Rocca cured meats can be purchased on-line on Artimondo portal, a platform with the best Italian artisanal products, for delivery in Italy and in most of European countries.

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