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The new illy Caffè opened in Venice

Located in the historic Royal Gardens near San Marco

The new illy Caffè opened in Venice, inside the historic Giardini Reali near San Marco. The Royal Gardens were commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in the early nineteenth century, and are now once again open to the city after a major restoration project. The illy Caffè is located inside the historical Coffee Pavilion, a neoclassical construction designed by the architect Lorenzo Santi between 1816 and 1817 and used for the Cafehaus in the park during the Habsburg period.

The project to restore this remarkable historical location has taken several years, and has been promoted and undertaken by the Venice Gardens Foundation in collaboration with Assicurazioni Generali. 

“We have a deep and long-lasting connection with Venice – says the Chairman of illycaffè, Andrea Illy – in no small part this is thanks to coffee, because Venice, like Vienna, was the city where coffee first came to Europe at the end of the sixteenth century. There is a rich tradition of shops and historical coffee houses in the city, which are genuine references to the Italian lifestyle around the world. But our connection is also due to art, thanks to our twenty-year collaboration with the Biennale. As a confirmation of our deep ties with the city – continues Andrea Illy – illycaffè is delighted to be able to return a significant feature of the urban heritage to the people of Venice and the millions of visitors that come here each year, a celebration of both the artistic heritage and the traditional warm welcome the city is famous for.”

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