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Nestlé invests $ 30 million in the circular economy

Green choice to reduce plastic consumption and to zero net greenhouse gas emissions

Nestlé chooses the path of the circular economy and decides to invest 30 million dollars in the Closed Loop Leadership Fund. It is now widely known how much plastic damages the planet earth, in particular our oceans and our rivers. Nestlé is one of the companies that actively engages in the creation of plastic collection and recycling projects. In 2018, the Group set a target expiring in 2025, which aims to make 100% of their packaging recyclable or reusable. Packaging is an integral part of Nestlé products: they guarantee the protection and quality of food, they are necessary in order to distribute 'safe' products and limit waste. In addition, the company aims for sustainability, encourages the use of more recyclable plastics, and aims to modify complex combinations of materials.

Nestlé's investment helps modernize and sustain circular economy infrastructures in the United States. Ron Gonen, CEO of Closed Loop Partners, said: "It is also an investment that allows you to leverage innovative technologies to keep these materials in the supply chain. In addition to the investment, Nestlé has committed to creating a market for recycled plastics for use. You work through the companies we acquire. This will allow us to completely close the circle on quality materials ".

Thanks to this investment, Nestlé will have the opportunity to take advantage of recycled plastic raw materials already processed by the company. This represents a great advantage for the Group, especially in a climate in which 'more sustainable' packaging is a very hot topic, especially among consumers, and a real competition is underway between producers to gain access to Pet. high quality recycled polyethylene (Pe) and polypropylene (Pp).

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