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North Korea: 60% of the population risks starvation

David Beasley, head of WFP asks for funding to tackle the North Korean food crisis

Strict containment measures due to Covid-19 and a sharp decline in funding, bring the economy already abundantly at risk of North Korea to its knees. Now more than ever, the food crisis afflicts a large part of the population, so much so that the head of the World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley has made an international appeal for humanitarian assistance. During the Korea Global Forum for Peace, organized annually by the Seoul Unification Ministry, the director general of WFP clearly expressed his confidence in cooperation between all states and called for it to be put into practice: "I am confident that the international cooperation is the key that will unlock a brighter future for children in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). This is our opportunity to create the better world we all want to see. "

Today the living conditions of the civilian population in North Korea are becoming more and more serious, just think that 60% of North Koreans risk hunger every day.

The UN Humanitarian Affairs Office, in its latest annual report, had already highlighted the shortage of essential food and medicines, all accompanied by a sudden drop in the labor market. According to United Nations data, about 10.4 million people in North Korea are in urgent need of specific welfare programs, with particular attention to women and children.

Worsening this situation was the pandemic, which has helped isolate the country more than it already was. Preventive restrictions make it difficult for international humanitarian organizations to access North Korea. UN offices have been located in Pyongyang and in other North Korean cities since 1995: "The UN staff, albeit in small numbers, is almost the only one left now in North Korea. Its continued presence is critical not only to the to give assistance, but for contact with the government, "commented Beasley.

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